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GleanAI: Transform accounts payable process with Ai

Glean AI is a powerful business tool designed to streamline and optimize accounts payable processes. With its intelligent AP software, Glean AI helps businesses save time, boost profits, and make smarter vendor decisions.

One of the key features of Glean AI is its unmatched intelligence and visibility, allowing users to see hard-to-detect trends, gain deep insights into core drivers, and uncover areas of overspending to increase ROI with vendors. This enables businesses to make informed decisions when it comes to vendor management and spending efficiency.

Another highlight of Glean AI is its time-saving automation capabilities. The software eliminates manual tasks by automating data extraction, GL coding, bill approvals, payments, accruals, prepaid amortizations, and more. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces the risk of errors in the accounts payable process.

Glean AI also offers robust data benchmarking tools, allowing users to leverage proprietary benchmarking data to negotiate better deals with vendors and drive increased spend efficiency for the company. Additionally, the centralized collaboration and planning feature of Glean AI enables teams to access vendor data in one centralized location, align on budgets, and collaborate seamlessly on spend decisions.

Overall, Glean AI simplifies how vendor spend is managed, bringing accounting and FP&A teams together to plan, budget, and forecast with ease. The software also helps businesses save money without heavy lifting by automatically detecting duplicate invoices, overcharges, billing errors, anomalous spend activity, and available vendor savings. All of this is done while allowing users to sync bills and bill payments with all top GL systems.

In conclusion, Glean AI is a comprehensive and efficient tool for businesses looking to optimize their accounts payable processes and make smarter vendor decisions. With its intelligent automation, data benchmarking, and collaboration features, Glean AI helps businesses save time, boost profits, and achieve greater spend efficiency.

Glean AI – Features

  • Intelligent AP for faster, easier, & smarter accounts payable
  • Supercharge vendor decision making
  • Time-saving automation for data extraction, approvals, payments, etc.
  • Robust data benchmarking for better deals with vendors
  • Centralized collaboration & planning for budget alignment
  • Simplified management of vendor spend
  • Ability to process & approve invoices with no data entry
  • Automatic detection of duplicate invoices & overcharges.

Glean AI – Pricing

Glean AI offers flexible pricing plans with unlimited users included in all plans. The Basic plan is $295/month for up to 50 invoices, while the Pro plan is custom-priced for more than 50 invoices/month. Pay based on volume, not per user.

Visit glean.ai for more.

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