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Ferret: Your AI-powered relationship intelligence tool

Ferret is a powerful business tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide users with curated relationship intelligence and monitoring. Unlike traditional search engines and social networks which are not designed for due diligence, Ferret offers a comprehensive solution to help individuals and businesses avoid high-risk individuals and identify promising opportunities.

By combining AI technology with world-class information, Ferret gives users total transparency into their personal and professional networks, allowing them to make informed decisions about their reputations, investments, and security. The platform offers exclusive data such as access to decades of news archives, information on white-collar crime, details on corporate ownership, and legal records including civil and criminal court filings.

Ferret’s AI constantly scans all of the user’s contacts to identify potential risks and opportunities, curating news and delivering actionable intelligence in real-time. This proactive approach to monitoring networks sets Ferret apart from other tools that provide only a snapshot in time and are often clunky and expensive.

With Ferret, users can stay ahead of potential threats and make informed decisions to protect themselves and their businesses. Whether uncovering insider trading, bank fraud, or public corruption, Ferret empowers users with the tools they need to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Ferret – Features

  • AI-powered pre-check and monitoring on every contact
  • Relationship Intelligence through AI and world-class information
  • Exclusive data on news archives, white collar crime, corporate ownership, and legal records
  • AI checks all contacts for risks and opportunities
  • Bots constantly scan your network to curate news
  • Actionable intelligence delivered in real time

Ferret – Pricing

Ferret offers a free monthly plan with 10 free searches, a premium plan for $20/month with 100 searches, and a professional plan for $50/month with 1000 searches. All plans come with a 30-day free trial.

Visit ferret.ai for more.

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