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BlueDot: Effortless taxable employee benefits compliance solution

Blue Dot is a cutting-edge business tool that focuses on making taxable employee benefits compliance easy and effortless. With its world-class AI tax compliance platform, Blue Dot offers a 360° view into all employee-driven transactions, ensuring tax compliance and reducing tax vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

One of the key features of Blue Dot is its ability to automatically track, report, and calculate taxable employee benefits hidden in expense reports. This helps companies stay in compliance with tax regulations without the hassle of manual labor and error-prone processes.

The platform also addresses the issue of data integrity, highlighting that 23% of expense report items are incorrect for tax purposes due to incomplete data and missing procurement checks. Blue Dot helps finance and tax teams by streamlining the process and providing a more efficient way to validate information, understand transactions, and apply country-specific tax rules.

By leveraging an automated AI and ML-powered application, Blue Dot helps companies optimize VAT outcomes in full compliance with global tax regulations. It identifies eligible and qualified VAT spend, ensuring a compliant domestic VAT posting and maximizing foreign VAT refunds.

Furthermore, Blue Dot streamlines the Taxable Employee Benefits review process, providing the necessary checks, controls, and calculations for spend subject to taxable employee benefits. The platform is fully integrated with expense management platforms, making it seamless for companies to implement and use in their day-to-day operations.

Blue Dot – Features

  • Track, report, and calculate taxable employee benefits automatically
  • Get a 360° view into all employee-driven transactions for tax compliance
  • Improve compliance with global tax regulations and maximize VAT recovery
  • Identify and calculate eligible VAT spend for optimized outcomes
  • Automate the review process for taxable employee benefits
  • Ensure data integrity and reduce errors in expense reporting
  • Simplify complex tax rules with AI-driven application
  • Seamlessly integrate with expense management platform

Blue Dot – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit bluedotcorp.com for more.

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