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Amto: Revolutionizing contract drafting and communication for lawyers

Amto is an AI-powered tool specifically designed to assist lawyers in the process of drafting contracts and legal documents. Utilizing the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, and benefiting from Human Reinforced Learning on public and proprietary legal content, Amto aims to streamline and optimize the drafting process, saving lawyers valuable time and effort.

One of the main advantages of using Amto is its integration with popular applications like MS Word and Outlook, eliminating the need for lawyers to switch between different programs and maximizing efficiency. The tool provides contextual recommendations based on the lawyer’s existing drafting conventions and styles, enabling them to focus on high-impact issues rather than spending excessive time on boilerplate and repetitive tasks.

With Amto, lawyers can draft contracts up to five times faster than traditional methods. The tool offers suggestions for individual clauses or entire sections, ensuring faster and more productive drafting. Amto also helps in avoiding risky or ambiguous language by flagging potentially problematic terms and providing clearer alternatives that all parties can understand.

In addition to drafting, Amto offers features for revising contracts. It intelligently identifies revisions that may impact other clauses and provides instant alternative versions based on the lawyer’s instructions. This saves time and effort in the revision process.

Amto also serves as a comprehensive communication tool, allowing lawyers to build better relationships with their clients. It helps tailor messages to individual clients based on their specific needs and preferences. The tool can generate personalized reminders, updates, and summaries of client communications, as well as provide answers to common legal queries. By automating these tasks, Amto enables lawyers to focus on providing quality legal services and fostering client trust and satisfaction.

Amto – Features

  • AI Assistant for drafting contracts
  • Integration with MS Word and Outlook
  • Contextual recommendations based on existing conventions and styles
  • Increased productivity with suggestions on clauses or sections
  • Identification of risky or unusual terms
  • Summarization of contracts
  • Listing of critical clauses or missing language
  • Tailoring of messages to individual clients
  • Compilation of recent legal news for clients
  • Answers to common legal queries

Amto – Pricing

Amto offers three pricing plans: Basic ($99/month) with 5,000 words/month, Professional ($499/month) with 10,000 words/month, and Custom with tailored features and premium support.

Visit amto.ai for more.

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