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Only 43% of SMEs believe company tax rate should be reduced

26 percent of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with a turnover of $1 million or more plan to take on more staff in 2010, with half expecting an increase in sales within the next six months.

SME Company TaxAdditionally, 43 percent of SMEs believe that the company tax rate should be reduced and 85 per cent of companies are opposed to any increase in the GST rate. According to the results, sales are already on the rise with 34 per cent of organisations reporting an increase in the past six months.

The results also indicate that access to business credit may be easing. Only 30 per cent of respondents believe that it is harder to obtain an SME business loan now than in the past, while 56 percent said that that access to loans is easier or just the same as it always has been.

Michael Rich, Managing Director, Attaché Software, said, “Certainly, for those SMEs with annual sales exceeding $1 million, the outlook appears to be bright. Businesses are growing, money is becoming available again and companies are gearing up to make the most of the opportunities that 2011 is expected to bring.”

“A good relationship with the bank is likely to be an important facilitator in the year ahead and this may be where larger SMEs find life easier than their smaller peers. The larger organisations tend to have been around longer and they are more likely to have better financial systems in place and to have a greater focus on business efficiencies.” he said.

The Attaché Software survey was a nationwide survey of more than 750 businesses conducted in 23 regional centres and capital cities across Australia throughout March and April 2010.

David Olsen

David Olsen

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