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10 tasks you can outsource to boost your productivity

If outsourcing still sounds controversial for you, you’re way behind the global trends of the workforce market. Millions of companies decide to hire outsourcing specialists highly skilled in the necessary fields to help grow their businesses.

There are lots of things that the freelance workforce may help you accomplish, we want to highlight what you tasks you can outsource to boost your productivity. Forget about wasting your time on meaningless tasks, you should be focused on the bigger tasks!

Content writing and guest posting

You no longer need to waste your money on a full-time in-house writer. There is a much better way to spend your budget and outsource the content creation. When it comes to a blog post, custom essay or a press releases, you can find a temporary worker to handle that. Millions of skilled writers are out there doing a good job for a very reasonable amount of money.

For those who do not trust individual freelancers, there are even huge companies like WritingsGuru that have a huge qualified team that can take care of any writing task you may have.

Once your content is there, you should also look for link builders among the freelancers to grow your website’s internet presence.

Appointment scheduling

When you have a lot of meetings to attend, your main focus should be the actual process of preparing to them. Find yourself a cheap accountant among the freelancers and let him/her handle all your meetings scheduling.

You can share a Google Doc sheet or even have your own CRM and see all the updates made by your associate there

Preparing presentations

You should be always well-prepared for the meetings and conferences. There is no doubt that your essay is great, but do you have an appealing presentation to grab your audience’s attention?

Prepare the content for the presentation and hire yourself someone who is qualified in this niche. There are people that can make you a presentation that will make your speech even more meaningful.

Social media profiles management

When you only have a few social media profiles, there is no sense in hiring someone on a full-time basis. This would be a complete waste of your money. Typically, these people make it look like they’re preparing content for you the whole day long, but they actually work part time and you waste your money on their salary.

Finding yourself a good social media manager among the freelancers is quite easy, since most of them love to work on a few projects at the same time. This will help you fit your tight budget and, at the same time, ensure that your social media accounts look decent.

Video content editing for your brand

Most of the companies nowadays prefer to outsource the video editing. One of the reasons is that video editors actually love working on the freelance basis. It means that the whole workforce market is full of freelancing editors, so you don’t really have a choice.

Usually, video editors only need a good script for the video and a well-tailored technical task. This is where you shouldn’t be too lazy and really concentrate on what you want to see as a result. A good communication with your video editor is a key to having successful video content for your brand.

Preparing Google Analytic reports

Google Analytics is a hard thing to manage. While some people tend to think that this is something you can learn in a day, there are lots of online and offline courses where people learn more than two months to master this tool.

Do you really need to get into this and waste your time on managing the analytics report? There are lots of good professionals that will not only get you these reports on a monthly basis but will also help you to tune in all the analytics tracking points to review how your client interacts with your website.

Don’t forget that all this information will help you target your ads, so it’s crucial to have a skilled specialist handling this for you.

Designing banners and ad campaigns

You may have a great team of designers, but we all know that big projects require them to keep working on more important tasks than banners and small designs for social media posts.

Freelance designers are so good these days that you can even show them your website and they’ll be able to follow all of your brand styling rules.

This is great to have 1-2 freelancing designers that will help you from time to time with your banners, ad designs, and social media pictures.

Website or blog theme customisation

There are lots of companies that decide to create a one more satellite website or a whole blog. Sometimes the development and design team are not really ready to support this idea, but what should you do if you really need a side project supporting the main one?

The best solution here is to give the smaller project to outsourcing developers and designers. They will design and set up everything up, then you’ll take over the control and manage it. 

Customer service tasks for your international locations

Outsourcing customer support is not the best idea when it comes to high-quality companies. However, when we talk about huge companies with lots of locations open, there is a big need for talented people in this locations.

The best idea here will be outsourcing customer service managers and finding someone there locally. They know their language well, they know their people better than you. This is a win-win situation for all.

Photo content creation

Shutterstock and other companies are good, but what if you have more of a custom order for a photographer?

There are millions of talented guys with cameras that can take your idea and help you get the top-quality pictures for any project you may have.

Outsourcing photography for any of your product or service is a great idea. Remember how Airbnb had their freelance photographers going around and making free photos for landlords? That was a huge success!

Nowadays you can outsource anything. We know that sometimes it’s hard to trust someone with your responsibilities, but it will give you the free time that any businessman desires so much!

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