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Friendly and professional: simple pointers to provide better customer service

The duties of a customer service representative are many. They include: finding solutions to customer complaints in person or via phone, email or social media, reaching out to customers to verify information, and assisting with orders, exchanges or refunds. No matter how professional you are, when it comes to customer service there is always room for improvement. Here are some ways to get better in order to give the best customer service possible.

Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis: If you are not making full use of social media networking by now then you definitely should be. You should build up a loyal following on Facebook and Twitter and be posting something on your social media pages at least once a day. If you don’t have time to sit down and do this daily, or you’re worried you will forget, use an automated app like Hootsuite. This will allow you to write all your weekly notifications at one sitting and then schedule whenever you want them posted.

Know your products inside out: You can be certain that current customers and potential ones will have questions about your products and services, so make sure you know about them in intimate detail. You can prepare yourself by anticipating the type of questions your customers will have. That way you will be ready with the answers as a query arrives. If you are asked a question that you do not have the answer to, explain that you are not sure but you will check it up straight away. Don’t try to construct an answer if you are not sure of the facts, this will always come back to bite you.

Don’t ignore any messages from customers: If a customer sends you a message, respond ASAP. Don’t leave customers hanging, even if their message was a thank you or a good review. Always have your team ready with a response and to answer any questions. If you don’t respond quickly and efficiently, your customers will think you don’t care and they won’t use your services anymore. There are a range of tools and apps available that will enable you to receive customer messages wherever you are.

Offer your customers special promotions: Everyone likes freebies, so offer your customers free gifts or services now and again. For example, if they choose to purchase one of your products, offer them another as a free gift. This will boost customer engagement and enhance satisfaction. If you provide services rather than products, offer free videos or e-books that will increase your customers’ knowledge of your services.

Create an industry related blog: Use your company web page or your Facebook page to create a blog that provides valuable insights to your industry. This will not only please your current customers, it will draw new visitors. It will also boost your social media presence. Be consistent. Post a new blog on a regular basis. Don’t disappear for days or weeks at a time or your visitors will lose interest.

Always be attentive: Your customers can lose their tempers for many different reasons, but you must stay calm and listen to their complaints. Be patients and don’t take their comments personally. Always resolve the issue as quickly as possible by providing a viable solution. Always stay amicable and offer an apology if it is merited. If you fail to handle the situation appropriately, the customer will take their business elsewhere.

Communicate clearly: Make sure you always communicate your meaning clearly so that your customers don’t misunderstand what you are trying to say. Bear in mind that your customers do not have as in-depth a knowledge of your industry as you do, so when you are explaining your products and services, do so in terms that they will understand. Use positive and not negative statements; always promote what you can do instead of talking about what you can’t do.

Improve your customer service skills: If you genuinely want to provide superior customer service, consider taking an online course at Service Skills. There you can boost your skills and experience in customer service, team building, and management. You can find out more at www.ServiceSkills.com/home.asp.

Let your customers know that you care about them. If you neglect them and they think that all you care about is making money, they will dump you and get on board with your competitors.  So value them and they will value you too.

About the author

Lydia Tyler is a customer service trainer and loves teaching people how to give the best service possible, even on the most impossible days, with the most annoying customers!


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