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5 ways to use Instagram for small business

You’re on LinkedIn. You have a Facebook page and Twitter account. That’s great. Why not take the next step and consider marketing your business on Instagram? It’s a fun and easy way to connect with customers and personalise your business. 

Instagram is a hugely popular photo-sharing app acquired by Facebook in April 2012. Despite controversy about changes to the company’s terms and conditions, latest figures show 90 million people use the app. And counting.

The concept couldn’t be more simple. You take a photo, choose a fancy filter to jazz it up a bit and then share it on your social networks. It’s foolproof and strangely addictive. Trust me, you won’t be able to look at a nice meal again without wanting to press click.

But are pretty pictures going to help your business? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. A recent study by an American data analytics company found that engagement from Instagram users is as much as 10 times greater than other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When people feel like they know you, they’re more likely to care about what you do and invest their time and money in your business.

Here are five simple ways to test the Walden-coloured waters – sorry, Instagram humour! – and market your business:

1. Show your products

It sounds self-explanatory but if you sell a product, show it off. I recently saw a T-shirt designer posting pics of her golden retriever in a V-neck. You don’t have to be that creative but if you sell car accessories then showcase your range of seat covers.

2. Introduce your staff

The whole point of social media is to bring people together. Posting pictures of your staff is a great way to personalise your business. Customers are more loyal when they think they know you. Just remember to keep it semi-professional unless you’re selling a youth-orientated product in which case informality is the key.

3. Behind the scenes action

If you’re holding a seminar, travelling for business or attending an interesting event – document it. It might seem narcissistic to you but showing off is completely acceptable in our social media-driven world. Customers will start to feel like part of your extended family.

4. Take pics of your office

Customers want to know where the magic happens. So take some pics of the office, kitchen and staff areas. A word of advice. Do some cleaning before you get too snap happy because people will comment if your desk looks like a war zone.

5. Be irreverent 

Instagram rewards quirkiness and creativity more than platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The app is basically a way to snoop and show off, so have fun with it! And remember that everyone likes a cute cat or dog pic. You’ll never go wrong posting pics of pets.

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Mike Mrkic

Mike Mrkic

Mike Mrkic is the social web editor of Dynamic Business. He looks after our social media and web content. Mike has considerable experience in journalism and social media management working for companies like Channel V, Music Max, Sydney Star Observer and Idolator.

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