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Plans to stop e-mail fraud and phishing scams

Yahoo!7, eBay and Paypal have launched a joint effort to attempt to stop fraudulent e-mails and phishing attacks.

eBay and Paypal are often subject to such scams due to the nature of their websites and the sensitive personal information their sites require of their customers.

Yahoo! Mail aims to stop these attacks through the use of DomainKeys e-mail authentication technology. Using this technology the authenticity of e-mails can be verified, if the e-mails are considered safe, they can be delivered to the customers inbox.

By lessening the amount of mallicious spam delivered to customers inboxes this collaborative effort aims to decrease unauthorised account activity and online theft.

"While the battle against phishing and identity theft scammers will continue to require a multi-faceted approach, [this] announcement demonstrates the security benefits to be gained by e-mail users worldwide" said Michael Barret, cheif information security officer at PayPal.

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