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Do you need to conduct research or looking for demographic data and don’t know where to begin?

The 2006 Census Social Atlas Series is the ideal place to start your research, as it includes vast amounts of important information about Australia’s capital cities and selected region centres. The Atlases are cost-effective publications that allow you to visualise the demographic make-up of your city through the use of full colour, thematic maps.

The maps are accompanied by informative commentary which demonstrates trends, areas of growth and decline, and suburbs of interest in relation to each topic. Topics include population, cultural diversity, education, labour force, income, families and households, and dwellings.

“The Social Atlases provides some insight into the composition and structure of Australian society. The geographic distribution of the data highlights the diversity that exists within the nation’s cities and regional centres,” says Brian Pink, the Australian statistician.

The information contained in the Social Atlases has many different applications such as business planning, market research, and can even be used to determine potential business opportunities.
Social Atlases are available for all capital cities and include selected regional centres, for $29.00 each or $193.00 for the entire set.

To order your copy simply phone 1300 135 070, or visit www.abs.gov.au/census. So go on, explore your city today.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest Census news and information just email census.users@abs.gov and type ‘add to census email’ in the subject field.You can opt out at any time. Don’t miss out!

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