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Thirteen years after first appearing on supermarket shelves, Australia’s first and only ‘truly purse worthy’ fem-care products have had a make-over. Moxie tampons, complete in reusable and recyclable purse-worthy tins, first launched at Woolworths in early 2006. To mark Moxie’s 13th Birthday, the brand has had a “glow-up” (an urban term used to describe an incredible transformation) and is excited to re-launch its tampons in new-look packs at Woolworths stores nationally, where it all first began.

“Moxie came to be because I was sick of having tampons roll around in (and out of!) my handbag,” said Mia Klitsas, Moxie Co-founder.

“Our aim was to combine function and convenience with style in order to provide women with a product that truly met our needs, whilst looking as slick and stylish as all the other products that we have in our artillery.

“We have a great relationship with our Moxettes and they’re very vocal about what they want in the products they use. Our glow-up is very much a reflection of that.”

In line with consumer needs and wants and as a result of Moxie’s extensive market research, Moxie’s new packs will now include one (previously two) unique and discreet chic tin, that has been designed with minimal branding so that it can easily be re-filled or up-cycled. Each pack will now also contain 20 tampons (previously 16).  Every detail; from the slick outer pack embossing to the informative inner leaflet (featuring ‘period hacks’ and other useful info), has been meticulously considered and designed to bring an extra touch of luxe to a product type and category that has previously often been deemed clinical.

The word ‘Moxie’ means to have guts, determination and spunk and was a term often used to describe women in the 1930s and 40s. Moxie’s new-look tampons in Regular and Super variants are available for $5.00 each exclusively in Woolworths stores nationally from 19.10.18.

Dynamic Business sat down with Moxie’s Co-founder Mia Klitsas to discuss the company’s new launch.

What made you relaunch? 

Moxie has always been about modern femininity and style; over the last 13 years, femininity has evolved and we felt it was important to evolve with it! The new design is more minimalist and premium looking (with embossing and foil logos) and also focuses on less waste and better value (each pack now contains one re-fillable/reusable/recyclable tin and 20 tampons instead of 16).

What kind of preparation goes into a redesign/ relaunch?

Lots of market research, discussions with and feedback from our ‘Moxettes’ (our most fiercely loyal customers), consultations and collaborations with retailers and design teams… it was a lengthy process that we worked diligently on for over a year.

Did you outsource any help from experts?

We worked with Melbourne-based design agency ‘The Company You Keep’ who really understood our vision and helped us bring it to life.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from these last 13 years? 

Despite the temptations to employ day-to-day, short-term tactical programs to grow the business and compete with major players (i.e. deep price discounting), we’ve instead mostly focused on and invested in our overall brand strategy – which has resulted in strong brand loyalty and a truly unique proposition for the category that can’t be easily replicated.

What is the biggest milestone in the last 13 years?

The biggest milestone was having Woolworths as our first major retail stockist and national platform in which to launch the Moxie range, all those years ago. And now, with the brand re-launch, we get to do it all over again!

Biggest hurdle that you overcame?

So many over the years, but one that comes to mind immediately is having survived the GFC!

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