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online marketing strategies

SMEs in regional Australia are missing out on the opportunities provided by the online world, with research finding very few implement digital strategies or engage with their customers on social media.

According to Sensis research, 54 percent of small businesses in regional Australia have a website, and only 13 percent have a digital strategy. Sensis also found that as few as 15 percent use social media to market their business.

Yellow Pages Driving Your Business Ambassador Martin Dench said the internet opens small businesses up to customer bases around the country, and internationally.

“…And with consumers using the web for everything – from finding information to sharing opinions – it is crucial that SMEs all around the country invest in a digital strategy.”

“Businesses that already have a digital strategy report that it has had a positive impact on their efficiency, profits and cash flow – so it really can help businesses get a competitive advantage,” he added.

To assist regional SMEs to familiarise themselves with the digital world, Sensis and Yellow Pages’ digital expert team are kicking off a tour to 21 regional towns in September and October.

The Driving Your Business Series will offer free digital marketing seminars to the country’s small businesses, to help equip them with practical tips and insights on how they can make the most of digital marketing and drive their businesses’ success.

In each location, the Sensis experts will be joined by a local SME who has used online channels to market and grow their business.

For more information about the seminars, and to register, visit www.yellowadvertising.com.au.