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In an age where so much human interaction and communication takes place online, it’s natural to think that printed, physical products might be losing ground. But the opposite is true. We’ve definitely seen a resurgence of the analog with many people feeling that, even with all the advantages of digital products, some things are not “real” until they’re tangible.

Even the most digital environments will still use paper for concepts, notes and sketches. In fact, making and taking notes is the one activity that’s never truly made the digital transition – something we recently celebrated with the launch of our new Notebook.

What I think is very powerful about printed stationery is that it gives a material presence to a business. Whether it’s a business just starting out, or a new employee in a large corporation, using and sharing branded stationery can be a powerful first step on the road to success. Business cards, postcards, flyers and letterhead can all make a powerful statement and an impactful first impression to customers, who often make purchase decisions within just a few seconds.

Take the business card. Despite the many apps and digital tools designed to ‘kill the business card’, it’s anything but dead. In 2015, nearly 30 billion business cards were printed in the United States alone. To put that in perspective, laid end to end they would measure around 2.5 million kilometres and could comfortably circumnavigate the world more than 60 times, making them as relevant as they were when invented 300 years ago.

We also know that customers respond positively to printed advertising. This market, which includes promotional postcards, flyers and more, is growing significantly as brands see a high return on this type of promotion. These tools are hugely helpful for both large and small businesses, as they’re universal assets for a full range of marketing and promotional needs.

In the end, it’s all about branding and promoting your business, and printed stationery is a big part of bringing your brand to life; whether creating a connection, differentiating a business in an increasingly noisy marketplace or communicating a brand story in the most powerful way.


About the author

Cathy is the director of marketing (international) and global ecommerce at MOO, where she is responsible for all MOO markets outside the US and Canada and has a team of 12 reporting into her.

Cathy was formerly marketing lead at designer menswear brand Oliver Sweeney.  She started her career as a psychology graduate of Liverpool University.

Her career path has given her the edge in delivering breakthrough marketing leadership for a number of design-influenced premium online brands. Her focus is on driving growth via search, performance marketing and display, while Cathy also places a huge emphasis on relationship-building marketing activities.


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