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Adepto Publications allegedly ‘blowing’ advertisers

Adepto Publications Pty Ltd is alleged to have been ‘blowing’ advertisers, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission instituting proceedings against the company in the Federal Court, Sydney.

Microsoft stops BotnetAdepto is alleged to have demanded payment from Australian businesses for unsolicited advertisements in its publications in a practice colloquially known as ‘blowing’ according to the ACCC. The practice of ‘blowing’ breaches the Trade Practices Act 1984.

According to the ACCC, representatives of Adepto are alleged to have made unsolicited calls to Australian businesses regarding advertising in one of Adepto’s publications.

Despite businesses not agreeing to take out an advertisement with Adepto, the company is alleged to have posted a copy of the advertisement as published in on of Adepto’s publications with an invoice demanding payment for the advertising. If the business did not pay the amount demanded in the invoice, it is alleged that representatives of Adepto made follow-up phone calls to the business demanding payment for the unwanted and unordered advertisement.

Should your business be invoiced for advertising it did not sign a contract or booking form for as is alleged to have occurred with Adepto, you are advised to notify the ACCC and contact your lawyer should a company continue to demand payment for goods you have not ordered.

Adepto’s publications include:

  • The National Emergency Relief Guide
  • The Underprivileged Childrens Guide, and
  • The Volunteer Organisations Guide.

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