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10 tips to make the most of group buying

More and more online shoppers are falling victim to impulse buying, as group buying sites become increasingly popular. With this in mind, LivingSocial has created a list to ensure you get the most out of group buying.

The wide variety of deals can leave buyers with numerous unused vouchers, leading LivingSocial ANZ CEO Colin Fabig to encourage smarter online shopping.

“Group buying sites are here to stay. We want our 1.5 million subscribers at LivingSocial to make good buying decisions to get the most from the daily deal experience,” he said.

LivingSocial has compiled 10 tips to get the most out of the site and to ensure vouchers are used.

  1. Only a trial. View deals as an opportunity to try a new place, not to substitute the usual routine.
  2. Research. Calling the merchant beforehand to discuss the deal may bring up important information.
  3. Be realistic. Not every deal will be suitable.
  4. Buy local. A good deal may seem worth the travel but keeping it local makes it easier to use.
  5. Buy with family and friends. It requires more planning and less impulse buying.
  6. Read the fine print.  Conditions, expiry dates and policies need to be read and understood to avoid disappointment.
  7. Be flexible. Certain dates may not be available due to high demand.
  8. Don’t sit on it. If it’s not booked right away, it can be easily forgotten or will expire.
  9. “Free voucher” offers. It’s as easy as getting three or more friends to purchase the deal as well.
  10. Keep track. Check unused vouchers to avoid repeats.

The countdown clock should not influence buying, with Fabig suggesting you “take your time to check the terms and conditions to see what’s included in the deal.”

For bigger decisions such as holidays and family days, Fabig suggests visiting LivingSocial Families and LivingSocial Escapes. Both offer buyers a week time limit.

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Melissa Perreault

Melissa Perreault

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