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How to become a more responsible business in 2018

When you first started your business, you more than likely made decisions based on your gut instinct and learned through trial and error. As your business has started to grow, you will work with more talented professionals, who can help point you in the right direction when making big decisions such as marketing techniques, sales tactics, recruitment decisions, and your legal requirements.

However, it is also crucial for a business owner’s peace of mind to ensure they are meeting their legal and social expectations. So, stop shooting in the dark and relying on others, and find out how you can create a more responsible business in 2018.

A Greener Mindset

If your company has failed to meet its environmental responsibilities, there is no time like the present to make eco-friendly changes to your business. Help protect the planet by conducting an environmental audit, which will assess the impact your business has on the plane teach day, and how you can minimise your carbon footprint. For example, you could swap toa local supplier to reduce mileage, turn your office heating down by a few degrees, and you could instruct all employees to shut down their computers when not in use.

Protect Your Data

Sadly, many small businesses are falling vulnerable to cybercrime each day. However, many companies are failing to take action to protect their data and network. Thiscan lead to harmful malware infecting computers and stealing or destroying your sensitive files, such as customer, employee, and vendor details. Don’t fall vulnerable to attack by effectively storing your data using cloud solutions, two-factor authentication, and encryption.

Backing up files in the cloud, such as Office 365, will allow you to ultimately gain access to the filesif they are destroyed on your desktop, so that you can recover your critical data. However, it always helps to strengthen its security by learning about the most effective Office 365 DLP best practices.

Be Genuine to Increase Credibility

Consumers are savvy when it comes to marketing. If you affiliate your brand with a charity simply to make your business look good and boost sales, people will see through your tactics and will be less likely to engage with your company. If you want to appear to be a genuine, caring brand, you must align your company with a cause that means something to your business, and that complements your values. This will naturally provide your brand with increased credibility and authenticity, which consumers will not question.

Learn More About Employment Law

Running a business is a big responsibility, and your employees should be your company’s biggest concerns. While you might have learned a little about employment law when you hired your first employees, you must gain a thorough understanding of your legal requirements moving forward. This will ensure you adhere to your legal requirements while protecting your employees’ rights in the workplace. If you don’t, you will not only have a disgruntled team on your hands, but you might also face serious legal repercussions.

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