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Success without University education. Fact or fiction?

Whoever said you need to go to uni to get anywhere has been proven wrong by a recent franchise survey, which found a large number of highly profitable franchisees hold only a Year 12 certificate.

Brian Hocking is one of the 1,000 Australian franchisees recently surveyed by research house, 10 THOUSAND FEET.

The survey results revealed that a lack of tertiary education is no barrier to running a highly profitable franchise and that 26 percent of highly profitable franchisees only hold a Year 12 certificate.

A local from Melbourne’s Western suburbs, Hocking left school after Year 11 and has taken on the Smartline mortgage franchise without looking back.

“A university education is good and something to aspire to, however, on its own it doesn’t provide you with life skills, which are equally – if not more – valuable.”

Joe Sirianni, Smartline Executive Director, says it’s Hocking’s dedication, trust and genuine common sense that is the key to a successful franchise.

“Notwithstanding the value of professional development and life-long learning, Scratcher’s success lies is his motivation, commitment to relationships and local connections, and willingness to believe in strong franchise processes,” Sirianni said.

Mister Minit, Mortgage Choice, Kwik Kopy and Mr Rental make up the rest of top 5 in the 2011 topfranchise awards.

10 THOUSAND FEET’s Head of Intelligence Ian Krawitz said that franchisees have ultimately have the final say in their profitability success.

“There are always things you can do to make your franchise more profitable. Choosing the right franchise to suit your circumstance and personal passion is important. Education level is a predictor of performance, but there are so many other things you can do to set yourself apart.”

But Hocking maintains that in the end, it all comes down to a strong team effort.

“Having a crack at something and making mistakes is a constructive process made all the more easier when you’re surrounded by supportive colleagues and mentors,” he said.

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Lucy Cormack

Lucy Cormack

Lucy is 20-year-old student at the University of Technology Sydney, currently completing a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). She has previously worked with Pedestrian TV and student publications within UTS, and is now a Dynamic Business intern. Lucy is also a professional cellist and performs across Sydney when she's not writing.

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