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The Athlete’s Foot dominates in customer satisfaction ratings

The Athlete’s Foot customers are far and away more satisfied with purchases made with the footwear retailer than competitors Spendless, Mathers, Payless and Williams.

Athletes FootThe latest retail customer satisfaction report in Australia reveals that The Athlete’s Foot leads in the shoe store category (87.7 percent were fairly or very satisfied) in the 12 months to March 2010.

The Athlete’s Foot’s rivals all achieved very similar satisfaction ratings, Spendless was second with 83.6 percent of customers satisfied (over four percentage points behind The Athlete’s Foot). Payless and Williams were equal third with 83 percent, closely followed by Mathers (82.7percent). Betts shoe stores rank bottom of all the shoe stores tracked, recording a satisfaction score of 76.8percent.

Roy Morgan’s George Pesutto, Industry Director — Consumer Products said The Athlete’s Foot is by far the industry leader in customer satisfaction among the footwear retailers in Australia.

“The Athlete’s Foot has the higher customer satisfaction of all shoe stores and is the only one to show an upward trend from late 2009 when all were similar. They are now nearly 5 percentage points above the average for all shoe stores and four percentage points above their nearest competitor.

“Spendless Shoes, Payless Shoes, Williams the Shoeman and Mathers have less than one percentage point separating all four stores, but such a significant gap to reach the top spot. There is a lot of work to do in order to catch up to The Athlete’s Foot, who focuses almost entirely on sporting and leisure footwear and leads customer satisfaction in the shoe store category.” he said.

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