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Image Credit: Paul Teysen on Unsplash

Three Australian businesses hitting the ball for six in India

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and has become a lucrative market for Australian exporters. Acusensus, Swisse and Mineral Technologies are three Australian-based businesses that have found success working with Austrade through its Australian Indian Business Exchange (AIBX).  


Acusensus is an Australian road safety company delivering AI solutions to mitigate unlawful and unsafe driving. Founded in 2018, Acusensus provides technology across Australia. This includes, but is not limited to, the world’s first illegal mobile phone use enforcement camera program and Australia’s first seatbelt camera enforcement technology. 

Acusensus has exported to India since 2018. With the hope of improving Indian road safety, in early 2021, the business installed 4D radar-based mobile speed enforcement camera trailers and fixed installations on the east coast of India. The installation was the first of its kind in the country. 

“I think India provides a really unique opportunity to make an impact with our technology,” says Alexander Jannink, Acusensus Managing Director.

“It is a market that is in some ways challenging, but it’s also a market that is eager to work with Australian companies.” 

The deployment of the cameras came after three years of dedicated planning and negotiation, with help from Austrade. Acusensus saw its entry into the Indian market as an opportunity to save lives, road test new AI, and successfully grow its business.  

Mr Jannink said, “By being involved on the ground, innovating for and with India, we believe we can make a huge difference in starting to bring down the road toll.

“We also hope this will open doors for other model safety corridor projects that can involve other Australian companies.” 

The four keys to Acusensus’s success in the Indian market were: 

  • Selecting a partner with shared values
  • Designing a market-specific solution 
  • Having patience in the process 
  • Leveraging local connections.


Swisse is an iconic Australian vitamin, supplements and skincare brand. In the last decade, the business has entered several overseas markets. Observing India’s economic growth and expanding middle class, in 2019, H&H Group, (Swisse’s parent company), decided it was time to enter the Indian market. 

Akash Bedi, Group Chief Strategy & Operations Officer for H&H Group, said, “We looked at growth trajectories for our target customers and saw that India is now a major, long-term opportunity for premium consumer goods — regardless of short-term challenges.” 

Yaser Siddiqui, Austrade Business Development Manager, said, “India is now a major market for consumer goods and a logical next step for companies that have built successful brands in India.” 

Swisse chose to grow its brand in India exclusively online with the help of Amazon India. Amazon India launched its Australian store in 2020 initially with 12 brands; by October, 37 were on the site. The growth in Amazon India’s Australian store represents growing e-commerce opportunities for Australian exporters in India. 

Mr Bedi said, “We believe that, for Swisse, India will prove as valuable a market as our other export markets. Technology and retail are at different stages of development in India, and there are many complications. But having launched, we know that India will be a major market for us in the future.”

“Austrade’s Global Engagement Team in Australia and India will continue to work with Swisse to expand opportunities in India. As a global team, we will also help Swisse replicate their Indian e-commerce success in other global markets.” said Chris Morley, Global Engagement Manager, Austrade. 

Mineral Technologies

Mineral Technologies is an international mineral processing company based in Australia. It processes a wide range of products including, iron ore, mineral and silica sands, coal, chromite, gold, tin, tungsten, tantalum and other fine minerals. 

The company has had a presence in India for the last 30years. With three major offices across the country, Mineral Technologies is recognised as the Indian mineral processing market leader. 

“Mineral Technologies tackles specific issues in the Indian mineral-processing industry by drawing from the knowledge and expertise of modern Australian METS [mining equipment, technology and services] applications,” said Glen D Costa, Regional Manager (India) for Mineral Technologies. 

Mineral Technologies attributes its outstanding success in the Indian market to: 

  • A focus on relationships
  • Local presence
  • Innovation 
  • Consolidation of a leadership position
  • A Focus on quality control
  • Having a long-term focus
  • Seeking support from Austrade

There is a growing market within India for Australian expertise and new technologies. For further assistance contact Austrade.  

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