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The power of business imagination

Your imagination can help you meet business goals that may seem unrealistic right now.

When you bend your business to your ego, you forfeit your capacity to believe. You’ve defined your company’s practices as only those things and people that you can influence, control and manipulate. With this corporate policy of assumed perfection, you give away the keys to your ability to imagine your business as wildly successful.

Your mind is content without imagining. Your mind abhors the unfamiliar, preferring instead to more efficiently file away the familiar in previously established categories. By nature, you are mentally satisfied. It is OK with your mind not to imagine your company as achieving anything more than it is right now.

However, doing business today confronts you, at times even assails you, with the unfamiliar. The context in which you transact business changes every single day you open the doors and answer the phone. If you play to your mind’s laziness and refuse to accept these unfamiliar perceptions, by default you bend to your ego. You stand in your business’s batting cage and refuse to swing at anything thrown at you except those few pitches you recognize. In your assumed perfection, you settle for less than you can achieve by redefining your reality. You stop short of fulfilling your dreams. And if you keep your business alive long enough, you reach a point at which you say, “I wish I had known so I could have done something about it.”

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