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Telstra iPhone 4 plans fail to impress

Telstra’s iPhone 4 plans fail to impress, after Telstra made an aggressive play with the company’s iPad data plans hopes were high that the company’s iPhone 4 plans would be similarly priced.

Telstra iPhone 4 PricingTelstra’s iPhone 4 plans pricing should maybe not come as a surprise, but with a number of iPhone 3G customers coming off their 24 month contracts with rivals Optus and Vodafone now would have been an ideal time for Telstra to sign customers looking to switch to another mobile network. Telstra is positioning the iPhone 4 16GB model at no upfront cost on a $79 Cap Plan or above when signing up to a 24 month plan, but cripples the iPhone 4 with only 500MB of included data per month. Equipping the iPhone 4 with only 500mb of included data cripples the device, as many will be forced to bundle in additional data packs at $19 for 500Mb or $39 for 1Gb per month.

Telstra’s NextG 3G network can certainly command a price premium for data intensive users of the iPhone 4, but not to the levels of Telstra’s current price structure. Rival Optus’ iPhone 4 plans will give customers a ‘free’ iPhone 4 16GB on a $59 cap plan and include a much healthier 2Gb of data per month. to bundle in that quantity of data on an equivalent Telstra plan would almost double the Optus’ price per month.

Telstra’s Executive Director of Consumer Rebekah O’Flaherty was quick to push the importance of paying a premium for Telstra’s Next G network for the iPhone 4.

“We are looking forward to bringing the next generation of iPhone to Australians on the country’s largest and fastest national mobile network – the Next G network,” she said.

“Our customers are counting down to the launch and we have some great value Cap Plans to make the most of iPhone 4 when it arrives in Australia. We know our iPhone 4 customers will love the speed and coverage available on the Next G network as they browse the mobile net, update their social networks and send email on the move.” O’Flaherty said.

Telstra iPhone 4 plans
Telstra's iPad cap plans start at $49, but incur large upfront charges

Telstra has a range of iPhone 4 plans tailored for business users, for further information or to register in the iPhone 4 on Telstra customers can visit www.telstra.com/iphone4.

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