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Social media tips for professionals

Top strategies on how to use social media for financial planners, real-estate agents and attorneys.

Specific industries have specific challenges when it comes to social media. Below, we will examine some useful tips and techniques for those of you working in the financial planning, real estate and legal professions.

Financial Planners
Financial planning is a tough industry when it comes to online posting and building a reputation, but there is a way to still engage and kick some major financial industry butt online. Here are the top four things you can do as a financial planner to make some magic happen online.

1. Post in your status box using more of your personality.Share more of you and your thoughts. People like to relate personally to the people that they hire as financial consultants. They want to know that their financial planners are real people. Do not complain about sales rates, discuss investment opportunities, or tell what you did for other clients — that is a no-no. You will build your presence online by being more transparent (yet professional).

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