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Watch out how much you drink in the pub because you may be charged a massive fee from the ATM without even realising it.

Fresh off the back of the Reserve Bank’s amendments to ATM fees, iCash has introduced the CashPod, dubbed a “unique selling point” for pub owners allowing them to substantially raise ATM fees late at night.

According to iCash sales consultant Peter Pigott, the machine gives the pub owner the ability to program direct charge fees into the machine to correspond with the time of the day to any amount they please.

“Let’s say on a Saturday night you wanted to charge $1.50 for a particular fee… after 11 o’clock you can increase that to $2.”

The move is set to outrage consumers as it will allow operators to take advantage of customers when they might not be thinking rationally.

There are currently 10 CashPods in operation across Australia, but by the month’s end there will be upwards of 50 in pubs and clubs, according to iCash executive chairman James Manny.

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