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Optus iPhone 4 plans declare war on Telstra

Optus’ iPhone 4 plans have declared all out war on rival Telstra as with Optus delivering up to four times the downloads as equivalently priced Telstra iPhone 4 plans.

Optus iPhone 4Telstra announced their iPhone 4 plans earlier this morning, with the cheapest Telstra cap plan with a bundled iPhone 4 16Gb phone clocking in at $79 but including only 500Mb of downloads per month. Optus’ iPhone 4 cap plans by comparison bundle an iPhone 4 16Gb for free on their $59 cap plan but include a massive 2Gb of data per month, which actually means you can use the iPhone 4 as it is intended, as a smartphone connected to the internet almost constantly.

Optus sweeten their iPhone 4 deals even further by including unlimited access to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, Foursquare and ebay which will account for the majority of downloads for most iPhone 4 users.

Optus Consumer Marketing Director, Austin R Bryan took a very different tone to Telstra’s Rebekah O’Flaherty in announcing the iPhone 4, believing Optus to deliver by far the best value for iPhone 4 customers when the phone is available on July 30th.

“Optus has developed what we believe are the most compelling plans and offers for consumer and business customers in Australia to make the most out of the feature packed new iPhone 4,” he said.

“We are offering one of the best value iPhone offers ever with the $59 Extreme Cap plan which includes a 16GB iPhone 4 for $0 upfront, a massive 2GB of data, unlimited calls to all your friends on Optus, as well as $550 of call value to any other network in Australia.” Mr Bryan said.

Optus iPhone 4 business plans offer pricing on parity with the consumer plans, under Optus’ Business Complete Advantage iPhone 4 plans, starting at $49 and offering the same included calls and data as their consumer plans.

Optus iPhone 4 plans
Optus iPhone 4 plans - click for fullsize
Optus iPhone 4 business plans
Optus iPhone 4 business plans - Click for fullsize

Optus have been contacted to determine whether their iPhone 4 plans allow tethering (using the iPhone 4 as a wireless modem) but it appears users will have to ‘jailbreak’ their iPhone 4 for this functionality. (Optus’s iPhone 4 plans for business allow tethering)

Optus’ twitter account has confirmed that Optus iPhone 4 Extreme Cap plans include free tethering.

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