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Optus iPad plans offer up to twice the value as Telstra

Optus has used its second mover advantage to trump Telstra’s iPad plans, offering a range of prepaid and postpaid iPad plans that offer up to twice the value as Telstra.

Optus iPad PlansOptus has delivered prepaid plan parity to Telstra’s iPad plans, with equivalent download quotas included at identical price points (plus additional plans between price points). The ace up Optus’s sleeve however for the telco is the 1Gb of ‘bonus’ data offered on each recharge through to the end of September, with Telstra only offering a 2Gb bonus data deal once if users recharges before June 30th.

Furthermore, Optus is offering a range of post paid plans starting at $20, with the lowest price point in Optus’s range doubling the data included in Telstra’s equivalent prepaid plan. Optus has three post paid iPad plans, with plans at $20, $30 and $60 per month which feature 2GB, 3GB and 8GB of included download quota respectively. Optus’s post paid plans don’t lock users into contracts, nor do they have cancellation fees, which is a risky move for the telco as competition within the iPad broadband space will be fierce.

Commenting on the announcement of what Optus is calling its ‘Plans for Micro-Sim devices’ Austin R. Bryan, Marketing Director, Optus Consumer emphasised the value proposition offered.

“Optus’ new mobile broadband plans for Micro-Sim devices provide a range of prepaid and postpaid options for Optus customers looking to make the most of the internet on the go. With our great value, data rich mobile broadband plans we are confident more people will choose Optus.”

Optus will struggle to compete in the prepaid iPad plan space against Telstra in the long term with today’s pricing. Telstra has a superior network, with both greater coverage and performance through Telstra’s 850Mhz NextG network (which the iPad takes advantage of). Once the Optus prepaid ‘bonus data’ period expires in September, users will not be penalised financially by swapping in a Micro-Sim from Telstra to take advantage of the improved 3G broadband performance offered by Telstra NextG.

Optus iPad Plans
Optus iPad Plans - click for full size

Vodafone and Three (VHA) have not yet announced their iPad plans, or whether the telco will sell subsidised iPad plans as the Vodafone will in Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.  Optus’ iPad prepaid plans will be available from May 26th, with Micro-Sim post paid plans available for customers to register their interest at http://optusbefirst.com.au/.

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