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Most smartphone users notice outdoor advertising

Individuals with smartphones are more likely to notice outdoor advertising, according to new research released by Roy Morgan.

81 per cent of Australia’s 12.5 million smartphone owners notice some form of advertising every week, compared with 72 per cent of those without a smartphone and only 53 per cent of those without a mobile phone altogether.

“It turns out smartphone owners aren’t just walking around with their heads down, peering at screens,” said Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research.

“Smartphone owners notice more outdoor advertising than others, suggesting that the integration of Outdoor and Digital in marketing campaigns could indeed provide a promising advantage for marketers. New ‘geo-tagging’ or location-specific targeted campaigns are examples of these.”

The findings revealed smartphone users notice more outdoor advertisements in all areas, with shopping centres and malls (59 per cent) found to be the most successful types. Big billboards (54 per cent) came next, followed by posters/small billboards (41 per cent), train/bus stations (29 per cent) and bus/tram sides (28 per cent).

Bus/tram shelters, supermarket trolleys, and free standing poster panels were found to be less noticed by individuals, with 23 per cent of smartphone users, respectively, noticing ads. Individuals without phones altogether were found to be even less likely to notice ads, coming in at only 14 per cent.

“Outdoor advertising revenue continues to grow, and more out-of-home media companies are thinking outside the box, with new innovations such as digital billboards that change with the weather, and more interactive screens,” said Ms Levine.

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