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Looking for a new customer service type person?

OBJECTIVE: To be the best customer service type person you can ever find!


EXPEERENCES: I graduated in 2005! I treid to get into a college, but I decided that I didn’t really wanna do that. College is for people that aren’t self starters. I am a self starter.

SKILLS: I can type really good, like wicked fast! I can also text really fast! I can cook lots of stuff. I can sort of make coffee… accept I don’t know how to make creamer. I am really good at talking on the phone also.


EXPEERENCE: I worked at a day care center, a coffee shop at the mall and I was a waitress at Applebee’s.


HOPES: I would like to be making $40 an hour. I think that would be enough for dealing with customers. It would also help me pay my way through cosmetalogie school. I want to do hair one day. But before I get there, I would work for your company.

REFERENCES: you could call my dad or my mom. Also, my best friend Amy. She knows me really well. You could call my ex, but we ust broke up last weekend. He was cheating. Long story. Anywho, you could also call the people I babysat for last year… I don’t remember where they live or what they were called. There sons name is Aubi. That’s a wiered name, right? They were nice. They paid me 20 dallers, which wasn’t really enough, I don’t think. My science teacher last year was really nice. She would say some nice things, I’m sure. Everyone else, might say smoething bad. I would rather you nto talk to them.


[DB does not endorse the spelling mistakes or resume style of this example!]

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