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Internode trumps NBN FTTH rollout with new plans

Adelaide based ISP Internode has preempted the roll out of the National Broadband Network by cutting prices on the companies Fibre To The Home (FTTH) plans.

Internode FTTHInternode, while predominantly delivering broadband internet over ADSL, also runs a Fibre To The Home network at nine greenfield housing developments in four mainland states and is one of three broadband companies working with NBNCo at a FTTH test centre in Tasmania.

Internode has cut 35 percent from the price of its 100 megabit per second (Mbps) FTTH plan with a 100-gigabyte (GB) data quota – which drops by $65 to $119.95

Internode however, has started counting uploads towards a users monthly quota, which means if someone does a lot of peer to peer file sharing that this will eat up a large portion of their monthly quota. The company says this policy change is in place to manage the network capacity requirements of offering double the upload bandwidth than previously on these plans.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said the Fibre to the Home revisions were driven by evolution in the marketplace. “As this technology moves from novelty to normality, market forces are starting to kick in,” he said.

“With our partner Opticomm, Internode is learning how our customers use their FTTH services and what services they most want. We are also starting to see increased business utilisation of our Fibre services, so we’ve made important changes to our range of SOHO plans such as introducing static IP addresses and offering quite radical upstream speeds, such as 16 Mbps for our 100 Mbps SOHO plans.”

Fortunately for users with heavy upload requirements, all pre-existing Internode FTTH plans will be “grandfathered” in, meaning that while Internode no longer lists the old plans as available, existing customers are welcome to stay on their current plans if they choose or move to any of the new FTTH plan.

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