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How to grow? Don’t gun the accelerator

Growth is not a race. Instead, think strategically about how to create a sustainable growth trajectory.

We’ve had the good fortune (and good taste!) this year to work with a start-up ice cream company. For most of the year, they’ve been in a “grow or die” scenario, as most start-ups are. They needed to get past a critical point with their customer and distribution base to maintain sales and create a sustainable business. They’ve had some much-needed success with a major retailer and are looking at their next investment choices.

We write a lot about how to grow. As leaders of growing companies, most of you know what we mean. Growth is not about gunning the accelerator. Going as fast as you can usually results in spectacular crashes. Instead, growth companies need to think about how to strategically manage growth and create a sustainable upward trajectory where they can invest resources and capital to achieve the next plateau before moving forward.

When our ice cream start-up got the opportunity to launch in a major retailer, they were at a critical stage. The company needed to show a successful increase in sales over a period of time to maintain their shelf space and prove that customers were willing to buy and re-purchase their ice cream. This proof of concept was important, not only to maintain distribution at the retailer, but to show other retailers that they would be an attractive addition to their freezer.

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