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How to foster a feedback-friendly company

These four tips will make your employees happier and your company more productive.

Imagine this scenario: One of the managers at your company steamrolls everyone else in meetings. No one wants to confront him, so they stew during the meeting and complain at the water coolers afterward. For your business, that’s wasted time and toxic negativity. Instead, encourage honest feedback and you’ll have a happier, more productive workplace.

“We waste a huge amount of time and energy tiptoeing around difficult situations,” says Katherine Klein, a professor of management at Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. That silence breeds gossip, obsessive thoughts, and generally disgruntled workers.

Creating an effective feedback loop is a challenge for any leader. “Feedback often doesn’t work,” Klein says, citing main two reasons. “First, it makes us defensive, and second, a lot of feedback lacks specificity, so we don’t know how to improve things.”

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