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How to be unforgettable online

Building a memorable brand begins with defining who you are, and then bonding with your customers so they won’t ever forget.

In their book, “Million Dollar Web Presence,” authors Chad Barr and Alan Weiss lay out tactical strategies for building a brand and business by leveraging the Internet. In the following excerpt, the authors detail the key components of a successful brand and outline steps to achieve it.

Your brand should be memorable, compelling and carry implied value. It shouldn’t be time-related to an event. When an interviewer says, “Tell me who you are,” how would you complete the sentence: “I am ____”?

A brand is a representation of uniform value that most often creates both intellectual attraction and, more importantly, emotional appeal and even cachet. Most people you ask will tell you that Coca-Cola or Coke is the strongest brand in the world, followed closely by McDonald’s. A few years ago, BusinessWeek [now Bloomberg Businessweek], which uses a formula to calculate the worth of the brand appeal in building business, placed Coke on top of the list, at $80 billion.

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