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How do you create an entrepreneurial mind?

To create a nimble culture, communicate clearly about your core values – and encourage entrepreneurialism at every turn. 

Our goal at Avondale is to build a very entrepreneurial culture. We look for entrepreneurialism in every new hire, and we also want to train and reward existing employees for that mind-set.

Here’s how The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian MacMillan defines the characteristics of an entrepreneurial mind-set:

  • Passionately seeks new opportunities;
  • Pursues opportunities with enormous discipline;
  • Pursues only the best opportunities; avoids exhausting themselves and their organisations by chasing after every option;
  • Focuses on execution – specifically, adaptive execution;
  • Engages the energies of everyone in their domain by creating and sustaining networks of relationships.

Our goal is to build this mind-set into everything we do. Doing so starts with communication.

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