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Get more people to ‘Like’ you: Three tips

Have Twitter and Facebook become too noisy and useless for meaningful interaction? Here are three tips for taking better advantage of social media opportunities.

I am not for a moment suggesting that you are unpopular. In fact, it actually appears that many people, even those with large social media followings have difficulty being “liked.” Happily, social media makes it relatively easy today to engage others and even easier to measure how others engage with you. The flip side is we can no longer optimistically speculate on our efficacy.

For example, in my recent column about shameless self-promotion I invited people to promote themselves in the comments and attract “likes” in hopes of winning a free copy of my latest book. The response was overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. I am pleased to say that we had thousands of page views and over 1,000 social media hits. Here are some actual numbers. As of the posting of this column:

  • 1,041 people viewed the funny video
  • 485 tweeted the column
  • 351 re-tweeted a separate bit.ly link
  • 346 Shared the column on LinkedIn
  • 170 people “liked” it on Facebook
  • 37 People gave it a Google +1

This is a respectable showing for a short article on a busy website. But the real interesting data comes from the comments. Despite encouragement for self-promotion among you many entrepreneurs and marketers, only 35 people, or less than 1 percent of viewers actually pitched in a comment. Those 35 pitches garnered only 20 “likes” in total. In fact only 14 pitches received any “likes” and only 5 pitches got more than 1.

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