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Earn money for charity with your old mobile phone

Mobile phone users with old and unwanted handsets at home or work can transform them into vital funds for charity as part of a new recycling scheme.

Mobile MoneyMoney4mobiles.com.au encourages individuals and businesses to send in their old mobiles in exchange for cash or a donation to Make-A-Wish Australia, which grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions.

Money4mobiles.com.au recycles the phones which are then sent to emerging and developing nations including India, Russia, South America and China.

“As consumers take advantage of rapidly advancing technology and upgrade their handsets to the latest models, it’s believed around 20 million mobile phones are lying around unused throughout Australia,” Money4mobiles.com.au director Garry Ford said.

“However, something that has no value to you can be transformed into cash for vital charity work.

“We have formed an alliance with Make-A-Wish Australia, which provides the option of donating the proceeds from the sale of your mobile phone to the charity.

“Together, our goal is to help enrich the lives of Australian children while helping save the environment one mobile phone at a time.”

Mobile phone users who send their phone to Money4mobiles.com.au can either get paid direct to their bank account or donate part of the value to Make-A-Wish Australia.

Values for used mobiles start from $1 up to $500 and payment will be made within five working days of receipt.

Money4mobiles.com.au aims to recycle 75 per cent of all phones received, with any surplus product stripped for parts to help mend future faulty phones.

Mobile phones contain a number of hazardous components such as cadmium, lead and mercury which are dangerous to the environment.

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