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Biz Gals returns on April 13th at Cargo Bar

Biz Gals brings the traditional sense of networking back to the business world with monthly face-to-face events where like-minded businesswomen can meet, brainstorm, and grow from each other’s successes and failures.

Biz Gals AprilEntrepreneur Natalie Aroyan has taken it upon herself to bring a little face-to face interaction back to networking after finding a lack of such opportunities available. Although Biz Gals has a strong social media presence it is kicking back to “old fashioned” networking by throwing a group of innovative businesswomen in a room together with some beverages, canapés and a gift to take home.

“Biz Gals sees a return to more classic networking” states Natalie, who is keen to see networking become more personal again. “Biz Gals utilises online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing people to connect in various ways and invite friends and colleagues with the aim of, eventually, meeting in person!

The Biz Gals’ point of difference is that each event will be capped at 30 guests which allows everyone to mingle and network without the added pressure of being in a crowded room filled with hundreds of people! This concept has been received very well amongst Sydney business women.

After such a positive response for the first ever Biz Gals event on Tuesday 16th March the team is very much looking forward to strengthening the connections that have already started to be forge.

“Excellent night, met wonderful women who are all dynamic Biz Gals. A pleasure to connect with you all,” said attendee Maria Cuci-Panetta about
the night.

The next Biz Gals event will be held on Tuesday 13th April from 6:30pm at Cargo Lounge, Kings St Wharf. Tickets cost $35 (which includes 2 beverages, canapés and a gift) and are available online at http://bizgalsapril10.eventbrite.com. Log onto www.facebook.com/BizGals for more information.

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