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14 early signs of successful entrepreneurship

Is an entrepreneur made…or born? Successful young business owners share how their start-up abilities showed up early in their lives.

The Young Entrepreneur Council asked 14 successful young entrepreneurs about being bitten by the start-up bug early in life. Here are their best answers.

1. A special kind of teenage angst

I don’t think I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I did know I always wanted to be an independent creator. From a very young age, I was writing long stories, starting secret societies, and dreaming up imaginary brands. And as a teenager, I hated that I was expected to work menial summer jobs just to “pay my dues.” I think the entrepreneurial seed was planted then, when I got good and mad! -Amanda Aitken, The Girl’s Guide to Web Design

2. The early quest for autonomy

In elementary school, I was trying to sell not only my own toys but also, for example, my uncle’s products to friends and family for a profit. In high school, I worked part-time jobs for 20 hours a week and used the cash to go to music festivals and on backpacking trips abroad. It was a continuous quest for autonomy, which I have now found as an entrepreneur. -Christopher Pruijsen, Letslunch.com

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