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The top email marketing trends to look out for in 2020

2020 promises to be another hugely competitive year in the business world. Thankfully, a strong and sensible email marketing plan can help you to stay ahead of your rivals. So, what are the main trends to be aware of this year?

Making Them Easier to Access

The issue of email accessibility has been sadly neglected by too many companies for too long. However, it is now easier than ever before to distribute valuable content that can be appreciated by all of your potential clients.

You should be looking to adapt your content so that people with sight or hearing impairments can access it as easily as anyone else can. This can be done through good email headers, alt text, clear infographics, larger text and so on. Smart use of colours also helps to make images clearer to some readers.

A Better Use of Data

The last few years have seen many businesses use the data that they collect in a far more useful way. This hasn’t yet fully filtered through to email marketing, but 2020 could be the year that this happens.

Small businesses often lack the extensive budgets necessary to run complex marketing campaigns that involve SEO or social media, with such companies looking to capitalise on low-cost, high impact marketing strategies. Instead of allowing email marketing campaigns to miss their mark, small businesses can ensure that more emails reach their target, that more of them are read and that you get more conversions from them. For that purpose there are lots of different email marketing software for small businesses where it can become significantly easier to target specific users and track engagement metrics instantly, making more effective use of the data you have to hand.

A Minimalist Design

Many of the world’s most important brands are beginning to turn to a minimalist design on their emails. This allows readers to focus on the offer that is being delivered, rather than confusing matters with a cluttered approach.

These simple, clear messages also load more quickly for users with slow connections. The readers will also understand your message more easily, which means less chance of them having to ask some questions or failing to take advantage of your offer.

Getting the Benefits of AI

Artificial intelligence has been gradually getting introduced to many different aspects of the corporate world. By 2025, the global market is expected to reach over $390 billion. In terms of marketing, it can be used to help you to collect and analyse your data in a far more efficient way.

You can use AI to produce automatic, tailored responses to your client, or to follow up in whatever fashion is most suited to the case. All of this means that it is ideal as an integral part of a slick, customer-driven email strategy.

Adding More Personalisation

Personalising their marketing emails is something that every business should have been doing for some time now. This is the best way to create tightly targeted content that is relevant to the recipients. Over 293 billion business emails are sent every day, so yours need to stand out.

Personalised marketing campaigns have been shown to be more effective. A good use of AI and the right software makes this easier, but it also comes down to understanding your customer base and creating a strategy that reaches out to them as individuals.

2020 can be a year of powerful progress for your business if you decide to implement these exciting email marketing trends.

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