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Women are proving to do better when investing in the share market than their male counterparts, if one leading analyst is to be believed.

Economic recoveryWith the increase of female participation in terms of share investment, women have proved to be better investors says Wealth Within chief analyst Dale Gillham. While there are still more men investing these days, Gillham believes that female success is what’s really hitting the mark.

“Our company has experienced a marked increase in the level of female investors in the past five years and proportionally they are the more successful investor,” Gillham said.

“Women are as ambitious as men, but come from a more conservative place than men, as they tend to be more concerned with family and home. They are slower in the application on investing and trading of the markets which is a distinct advantage as it allows them more time to develop their skills and gain experience. As they develop they take on more, whereas men often invest or trade in things where they have yet to develop the knowledge, skills and experience.”

With the ability to trade and share market from home or anywhere in the world, more women have entered the market in greater numbers. Some are doing it to supplement their income, whilst others want to spend more time with their families rather than at work. While he said conventional roles were obviously changing some traditional elements saw women and men differ when it comes to their approach in the market. These key differences in their strategy, Gillham argues, is why women are more successful in the market place.

“In essence men are the risk takers. The fact that they have been targeted as the bread winners of the family in the past has meant that men feel the need to plan for the future more so than women. While women are now entering the investment circuit for the seemingly untraditional family place, their conventional family ties of being at home means they take more caution with their money.”

David Olsen

David Olsen

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