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Red Button, an Australian technology start-up, was shortlisted in this year’s Telstra Innovation Challenge and has made a final presentation in Melbourne to a panel of Telstra executives and external business partners.

Telstra may hit the Red Button“We believe that Telstra has potential interest in our technology” said Professor Reg Coutts, Chairman Red Button Technologies.

“What we have developed is a system that we call a ‘Connectivity Server’. It’s a cloud computing application that allows us to build new Telecommunications products and get them to market – rapidly.”

“We’ve built it, tested it, refined it, and this month launched our first consumer product developed and hosted on the server.”

“Our technology is disruptive because it cuts the time and cost of new product development dramatically.”

The Telstra Innovation Challenge offers support to Australia’s research, development and innovation comm unity. Projects supported are typically relevant to Telstra’s business and have potential to provide a benefit to industry or Australian end users.

The Telstra Innovation Challenge seeks to identify potential start-up ventures to support each year. Telstra may provide assistance to these new ventures in the form of access to Telstra’s internal subject matter experts for advice and discussion; introduction to Telstra’s partners (both technical and commercial); and external exposure of the project through joint PR initiatives; and other support as appropriate.

The Red Button Connectivity Server supports ”Agile Product Development” which Professor Coutts forecasts as the next big thing in telecommunications.

Red Button’s Connectivity Server technology presages a trend toward developing new products off-network. Once they have proven themselves in light-weight, low cost clouds, carriers can then integrate them on to their internal IN platform to gain economies of scale.

It will mean that small innovative players can launch network level products along side the big telcos. Time to market will be measured in months – not years.

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