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Dick Smith interview on running own business

Dick Smith, entrepreneur

Smith to name and shame rich who don’t donate

Dick Smith has made it clear he’ll no longer abide rich Australians who don’t give to charity, calling them “selfish” and suggesting they “rack off” if they continue to refuse to donate.

The wealthy entrepreneur told the Herald he’ll soon begin naming and shaming the wealthy Australians who aren’t doing their philanthropic duty.

”I am absolutely disgusted that most of the wealthy are so utterly selfish and I can’t work out how everyone lets them get away with it.”

”I’m going to ‘out’ these people. If they don’t donate, they’re going to be embarrassed.”

According to Smith, over 2000 people declared they earn over $1 million a year but claimed no deductions for charity, which meant they hadn’t given back anything to their community.

”We’ve got to get it so it is an obligation if you’re wealthy to become a philanthropist. Otherwise we don’t want you in this country – rack off.”

The rich in the US donate 15 percent of their income to charity, on average, but Smith said Australia’s rich give less than 1 percent.

”In America, I’m told that if you are wealthy and you’re not known as a philanthropist, you are a social pariah.”

Smith said he and his wife give more than $1 million away to charity each year.

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