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Daniel Hakim feels fortunate to have had a wealth of opportunities and experiences through a personal network of family and friends. He understands how enriching it is for any professional to be surrounded by the right support, knowledge and resources to accomplish their ambitions. From here came his simple, yet unique idea for Cub Network.

Daniel said “I came up with the Cub concept as a way to pay forward the opportunities and experiences I’ve been given.

“I wanted to recreate this as a platform to enable other ambitious, hungry and driven entrepreneurs to grow their own success and achieve their ambitions.”

Tucked away in an immaculately designed venue in Pott’s Point, Cub Network will form an alliance of Sydney’s most innovative business minds providing members with access to the knowledge and resources needed to grow and evolve.

“Members of the club gain access to the next generation of Australia’s industry leaders; the most ambitious and accomplished business minds,” said Daniel.

Although yet to be opened, with its official launch set for October the 21st, Cub Network already has a growing membership of CEOs and professionals ready and waiting to share their wisdom. According to Daniel, while there are many start-up accelerator hubs already in Sydney, none “cater to those who are growing, or have grown out of the start-up phase.” The amazing response Cub Network has received so far shows “just how much need there is for what we’re doing here in Sydney,” he said. A gap in the market previously untapped he suggests.

One good idea may be all it takes to start a business but Daniel has sought a team of five dedicated professionals to help him with the execution.

“I look for the same attributes in my team as I do in our members: ambition, tenacity, competitiveness, resilience and the bravery to chase their dreams,” he said.

As well as a carefully crafted team capable of facilitating relationships and opportunities, Daniel asserts that it is essential to the business to attract the right members who will contribute value to the wider network.

He said “we see genius in the ‘crazy’ ones; we ignite the competitive spirit; we believe the impossible is possible; and we encourage the tenacious. These all embody the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.”

With ambition and drive at the heart of the business, Daniel has big ideas for the future of Cub Network itself. In the long term, he hopes to extend the network across Australia and eventually overseas in business hubs such as Beijing and New York.

Not yet open and operational until October the 21st, there’s perhaps no room for reflection just yet, but when asked if he’d do anything differently in getting this far, Daniel said:

“Every decision I’ve made and step I’ve taken has led me to where I am right now in the business and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

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