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Online dating for the busy businessperson

Money can’t buy you love but you can make a lot of cash helping other people find it. Trudy Gilbert has made a career bringing people together but her new start-up takes online dating to the next level.

Ruby Radar caters for lonely professionals and business owners, who are too busy to spend hours trawling dating sites for the man or woman of their dreams.

The emphasis is on quality – you need a university degree or significant industry experience to register – and accuracy. This could be the first Australian dating site where height, weight and age details are verified!

Gilbert hopes to fill a real gap in the $100 million online dating industry.

“The idea for Ruby Radar was born after a couple of drinks with a few close friends who were complaining about current dating sites and how they wished for something more targeted,” she says.

“I immediately saw an opportunity and knew I had the right background and experience to create an offering that was more congruent with what professionals and business owners want.”

The love-savvy entrepreneur already runs a successful online dating business, so she knew exactly what needed to be done to get Ruby Radar off the ground.

“I would never have started Ruby Radar if it weren’t for Elite Introductions. I wouldn’t have had the experience or conviction to create an online dating site and enter a market that is highly competitive.”

Gilbert is so convinced that there’s a market for unlucky-in-love professionals, she funded the start-up with her savings.

“Still not sure if that was a moment of madness or clarity. Ask me a year from now!”

She has shored up her investment by paying excruciating attention to detail.

“Our members are able to maintain their privacy as they don’t waste time scrolling through profiles – rather they are sent compatible matches directly to their inbox,” she explains.

“We also allow our members to connect with their friends and matches on the site and allow them to play matchmaker.”

Gilbert hopes to use the site to create a fully-fledged online community.

“Our phone app is being launched early in the New Year. We have also just launched our Blog, Ruby Tuesday, and our newsletter, Ruby Groove, which will feature exciting things to do out and about in Sydney and other Australian cities.”

That vision comes with a price.

“The biggest challenge is wanting to run before you can walk,” she says.

“I want to achieve the long term vision I have for Ruby in the more immediate future. The challenge is building it slowly and carefully, being true to the brand and, in our case, maintaining the quality of our members.”

“In the next 3-5 years we plan to have Ruby Radar operational in other countries. Our vision is for Ruby Radar to be the LinkedIn of dating.”

Gilbert’s advice to other entrepreneurs? Do you research.

“The biggest risk is not having done enough research or planning. If you know your target market, their likes/dislikes, needs and wants then you are on the right path.”

Cashflow is also a concern.

“Make sure you have more than enough funds to keep you going. Things don’t always go to plan so, rather than abandon a project due to lack of funds, make sure you have that sorted first.”

Having successfully navigated her way around those common pitfalls, Gilbert has reason to be optimistic about Ruby Radar’s prospects.

“I am excited about creating a fun and vibrant brand that provides an easy to use way for creative and driven individuals to meet, play and love.”

“In my experience as a matchmaker for professionals, entrepreneurs make great couples.”

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