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Attracting start-ups with an outsourced business model

Start-up life isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s messy, chaotic and full of sleepless nights.

But through the challenges and bumps in the road, it’s also an exciting adventure. It’s a journey I started eight years ago and one I’ve supported countless start-up clients through over those years.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in that time, it’s that the best founders and start-up leaders pull in the right help at the right time. Taking advantage of the outsourced capability to scale their business is a wise move for founders. And it’s good news for businesses like mine, providing virtual CFO or other services.

Partners in success

Running a start-up is very different to running an established business. It doesn’t matter what services you offer; whether you’re a lawyer, accountant or marketing guru, start-up founders are looking for partners. They want to know that you ‘get it’ and that you are the partner that can help them navigate the road ahead.

When my company, Vital Addition, started working with Abyss Solutions, they were a small operation with just a few clients. After consistently achieving 100 per cent year-on-year growth in 2022, we then supported them through their highly celebrated funding round with Airtree.

Abyss Solutions is now able to take its autonomous inspection technology onto a global stage. In the beginning, we met them where they were and partnered with them to plan the scale-up process. We didn’t sell them services they didn’t need or apply a cookie-cutter accounting approach. And as partners, we celebrate their success as if it was our own.

As an entrepreneur, I have an innate understanding of the importance and the humanity of the relationship. That’s what founders value the most.

Flexible business model

What do start-ups have in common? Each is on its own trajectory and needs its service partners to recognise this. When clients come to us, they know they will get taxation services and an outsourced finance team. Beyond that, our service is tailored to the unique needs of the business.

Taryn Williams was an established founder and business leader when she came to Vital Addition. She had two different brands – WINK Models and theright.fit – each with a different business model and both in a period of growth. Taryn needed a sounding board, tax agent, investor relations advisor and a partner who could help her to drive growth and scalability across both brands. So that’s what we delivered.

At an earlier stage of Taryn’s businesses, the service we delivered would have looked very different. As was the case with Ento. We started with them in their very early days managing their books. In 2022 I proudly sat alongside the founder as he signed the documents to sell the business. Founders need to know that whatever stage of the business journey they’re at, you can tailor your service to match.

Realising efficiencies

For outsourcing to be successful, it’s all about partnering with the business, working to gain efficiencies and streamlining the functions. This ensures that CEOs and founders have the time and confidence to do what they need to do for success. 

In any business, this is a good goal to have. In a start-up, it’s critical to maintain the partnership. If you aren’t making or saving the start-up money, your days are numbered.

We follow a winning formula that helps us to attract, convert and retain some of the hottest start-up businesses as clients. As the founder, I work in business development and sales. I identify opportunities and build relationships.

I’m supported by a management team of hands-on professionals who really know their craft. They deliver on our promises and create opportunities for Vital Addition and our clients.

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Lachlan Grant

Lachlan Grant

Lachlan Grant is the CEO of Vital Addition, a fast-growing Australian company providing fresh, honest, and reliable accounting, financial, and tax advice. He believes in ‘strength in numbers’, empowering SMEs to make business decisions with confidence, and face the challenges associated with growth with informed optimism.

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