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Chess-Nuts win $10,000 Entrepreneur Business Grant

A few months ago, when her partner Rich was having trouble finding work, Jasmine Costello encouraged him to learn chess as a way of taking his mind off the constant flow of job rejections he was getting.

Chess-NutsAs it turned out he loved the game so much it led to a unique business idea that has just been awarded the 2010 $10,000 Commander Business Grant.

Jasmine and Rich’s entry outlined their vision for an integrated bar / chess club, aptly named ‘Chess-Nuts’.

According to Jasmine, who is just 25 years old, after some research they realised that there were other chess players looking for a more regular outlet for their passion.

“Our vision for Chess-Nuts is a relaxed, inner city bar environment where chess lovers can come, meet other chess players while enjoying a drink and a chat.”

Commander’s Marketing Manager, Stuart Matthewman, said that Jasmine and Rich’s entry stood out due to its creativity and innovative edge.

“It’s pretty clear from speaking with Jasmine that young entrepreneurialism in Australia is alive and well”, he said.

Jasmine says she will use the grant to find a location for the concept, initially planned as a partnership with an existing venue.

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