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New Year business resolutions: 2010There’s nothing like a new year to put your business goals in perspective, especially with all this talk of the green shoots of recovery. We asked some SME owners to share their New Year’s business resolutions with us.

Claire Mitchell, CEO of The Natalie Group.

1. Aim to spend less time on planes. I currently split my time between Queensland and New Zealand. It would be nice not to have to rely on my BlackBerry to tell me which time zone I am in!

2. Finally master the work/life balance. I am passionate about my business but I love my family and the Gold Coast lifestyle. 2010 is about working out how to better balance the two.

3. Continue building brand awareness for the NAT and ECO collections of skincare, body care, essential oils and aromatherapy products.

4. Mentor a business or business leader. I’ve been very lucky to work with my mentor who is an amazing business partner, entrepreneur and visionary and I would love to be able to share the guidance he’s given me with another budding entrepreneur.”

Lydia-Jane Saunders, stylist and owner of Lydia Jewels.

“I own two businesses so my New Year resolutions are quite different with each. With my jewellery label Lydia Jewels I want to gather more stockists, especially internationally, and expand my bespoke clientele. I want to launch myself into the bridal market and keep adding to my online boutique. I would also love to see my designs on more celebrities.

“With my styling business I would like to target more advertising clients than editorial. I want to learn to say no. I aimed to please too many people in 2009 and wasted hours on bad shoots. Most of all I want to strike a good work and play balance, but I say that every year!”

Sharon Williams, CEO, Taurus Marketing.

“Next year, I intend to turbo charge the business. In preparation, we started with a mass clear-up of files and paperwork last week. Templates we use are being reviewed and renewed this week and we are reviewing all processes the week after. We have a kick-off planned in February and next year we are going to kick some serious growth targets, both personally and professionally as a team. With the green shoots of recovery finally showing we are grabbing the bull by the horns!”

Belinda King, MD, Vouch For It.

“Read one business-related book each month, enter online business awards, invest 100 percent of profits into the business, attract new clients, continue to look after existing clients, advertise in industry publications and launch social networking applications.”

Philip Goldstein, director of Future Prospects.

“Radiate possibility, engage with others in a positive manner at every opportunity, to lead from the front, exploit every opportunity, ignore the voice in my head and to live in the front row of my life. Mistakes are inevitable—treat them with curious fascination.”

Nadine Zrinzo, director, Bight Conferences.

“Definitely to listen to my gut a bit more and trust in what it has to say! I am generally more comfortable with my decisions when I do that and find that they are the ones that reap the better rewards.”

Chiou See Anderson, founder, Third Age Living @ Springwood.

“2010 will see Elements Living welcome its first group of residents after six long years of planning and I want to help facilitate our residents embracing and living our philosophy of successful ageing.

At a personal level, I would like to incorporate frequent short hiking trips away to recharge, reflect and hopefully provide the right balance between strategy and energy for 2010.”

Michael Kitchener, founder of Kitcheners Kitchens.

“In 2010, I will lead my team like the captain of a ship.”

Carolin Dahlman, Specialist Customer Emotions, Love Coach.

“Focus on working with true love—trust, belief, positivism—to spread love on the market to create a happy and healthy capitalism. I promise myself to keep my smile up and be generous.”

Brooke Simmons, publicist, Pursuit Communications.

“My New Year’s business resolution is to make an effort towards having a better work/life balance. I believe it’s a win-win solution for everyone, including my clients, my family, friends and me! When I have been able to take ‘me time’ recently I’ve noticed that I return to work focused, energised and ready to get back into the thick of things.”

Sam Mangano, director, Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets.

“Zone Fresh is currently developing an online store with plans to launch in early 2010 and we aim to capitalise on the increased demand for online shopping while offering another service option to our existing customer base. In 2010, I hope to consolidate and refine the Zone Fresh brand while focusing on our strengths and point of difference as a local retailer.”

Mel Kettle, Principal, Mel Kettle Consulting.

“Attend three or more networking functions a month, enter my tax info weekly, keep my office tidy, have a break every day to go for a 30-to-60 minute walk and to have lunch (not at my desk) to clear my head.”

Eugene Phua and John Ronchi, owners, Campos Coffee, Queensland branch.

“Looking towards 2010 and beyond, our mission is to continue to deliver our product with consistency and exceptional quality, without compromise. Our wholesale business will flourish organically from our own flagship café located in Fortitude Valley.

“We are determined to continue to grow our wholesale business, but not at the expense of our reputation for excellence. Our aim is to ensure a cup of Campos coffee tastes the same regardless of where you buy it.”

What are your New Year’s business resolutions?