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Alli Baker from Workable, Alison Hardacre from HealthKit, Chris King from Splend

16 start-up entrepreneurs selected to participate in EY Asia-Pacific Accelerating Entrepreneurs program

EY has selected 16 high-potential, technology-focused start-up entrepreneurs from across Asia-Pacific to take part in its Accelerating Entrepreneurs program. The program helps fast-growth start-ups from around the world to scale their business through one-to-one guidance, networking and insight sharing. Split into three regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, EY mission is to help accelerate entrepreneurs through the next steps of their growth journey to becoming the global market leaders of tomorrow.

The entrepreneurs, from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China and Mongolia will participate in EY’s upcoming Strategic Growth Forum China in Shanghai on 11-12 May 2016. An event set to bring together global market leaders, high growth companies, market innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, government officials and policy-makers from across Greater China and the wider Asia-Pacific region to discuss, debate and create new opportunities for investment and growth.

The 16 were chosen based upon their potential to grow across borders, their entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities, financial performance, strategic direction, innovative thinking and people philosophy.

The 16 selected participants include:


  1. Charlotte Petris, Timelio: Anonline marketplace for trading invoices which enables businesses and growing SMEs to get paid faster to help them grow their businesses.
  2. Alison Hardacre, HealthKit: A global health software platform for private practitioners and patients or health consumers, digitizing the health sector and building a global health data set.
  3. Chris King, Splend: A vehicle rental company for drivers who want to participate in the on-demand economy revolution but don’t have a compliant vehicle.
  4. Carolyn Mee, cmee4 Productions: Developer of Sound Scouts, a revolutionary game created to detect hearing loss in preschool children.
  5. Alli Baker, Workible: A HR Technology company powering the largest connected job network in Australia and using real-time data to match candidates and employers.
  6. James Fitzgerald, Moneyball: Australia’s first and largest Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform.

New Zealand:

  1. Carmen Vicelich, Data Insight: Developer of “Valocity,” a Next Generation Mortgage and Valuation platform connecting Assessors, Brokers, consumers and banks to better facilitate mortgage transactions.


  1. Marcus Lim,ECOSOFTT Pte Ltd: A globally-networked innovation company that specializes in management of water, wastewater and environmental services.
  2. Kelvin See,Simgo: A telecommunications technology company that has virtual SIM technology to allow switching between operators, maintaining the user’s phone number and allowing for elimination of roaming costs.
  3. Varun Mittal, helloPay Pte Ltd: An E-Wallet and Online Payment Service that allows anyone with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online.
  4. Prajit Nanu, Instarem: A low-cost international money remittance model designed to support immigrants and millions of small and medium sized businesses.

Hong King:

  1. Winnie Leung, eNano Health Limited: A company building a series of disruptive saliva-based solutions for self-health management and fast screening of multiple diseases.
  2. Cedric Jeannot, APrivacy: A technology solution that encrypts any type of digital data with military grade security while providing a seamless user experience.
  3. Eric Gnock Fah, Klook Travel Technology Limited: A one-stop-shop travel booking tool for online and mobile devices.

Mainland China: 

  1. Yunwen Chen, Datagrand: A big data SaaS platform that can integrate with companies of any industry who are in need of big data technology.


  1. Bolortuya Dorjsuren, Seaberry Farm Products LLC: A company making skin care and health products with Mongolian-grown organic sea buckthorn ingredients.

“The potential for entrepreneurs to add enormous economic value and change the way we work is at the heart of EY’s commitment to entrepreneurship and our support for start-ups in Asia-Pacific seeking to scale their growth,” says Michael Anghie, EY Asia-Pacific Strategic Growth Markets Leader.

“Today’s disruptive digital economy offers unprecedented opportunities for early-stage entrepreneurs to enter new markets and transform business models, but it raises the potential of significant challenges too. We will mentor and provide support to these entrepreneurs to fast-track the execution of their business plans. Attending the EY Strategic Growth Forum China event will give our entrepreneurs access to an unrivalled network of professionals ready to help them navigate potential pitfalls and capitalize on growth opportunities.”

The selected entrepreneurs will receive the following comprehensive program of one-to-one guidance, networking and insight-sharing:

  1. Attendance at the EY Strategic Growth Forum China event in Shanghai, 11-12 May 2016
  2. The opportunity to network and form ongoing relationships with EY Growth Coaches, global entrepreneurs, industry leaders and EY specialists who will be gathered at the event
  3. Access to a dedicated EY service executive to focus on the business issue most critical to the growth acceleration of participants together with an EY Growth Navigator session to help assess capabilities and deliver growth plans
  4. Access to EY’s unparalleled global entrepreneurial ecosystem

Dynamic Business wishes all participants the very best in success and look forward to hearing their stories.

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