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Imagine being your own boss, managing your virtual team while doing project collaboration even at the comfort of your own home.

You sit at your desk, turn on your computer and let your virtual management skills lead you earn cash while you sip your brewed coffee — in pajamas.

If you prefer being in a virtual workforce rather than an office environment with dress codes, and long hours spent in front of a computer, then probably, freelancing is waiting for you.

Here are seven signs that give you a red signal to hand in your resignation letter and choose a career of freedom and flexibility.

1. You always look at the clock

You hate Mondays. Either you are always 15 minutes late or you make unnecessary things while at work just to kill time — go to the bathroom, long coffee breaks, surfing the net and chit-chatting with social media friends, or you just pretend that you are doing something when the boss is doing his rounds of checking. More often than not, you look at your clock and have a countdown in your head till it hit your most favorite time of the day that you’re out. Having a fixed time is definitely not for you.

You consider yourself productive during those hours when you feel you’re ready to work and not the fixed ones that force you to think and having a flexible working schedule is suited for you. You’d rather work using at freelance virtual team, make money out of your time and effort, than work for you boss’ dreams.

2. You hate dressing up

Slacks and blazers do not excite you. Minutes are wasted staring at your cabinet for possible decent clothing fit for your job sitting in a corner and arranging mountains of paperwork. You are at your best and most productive self when you are wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers rather than heels and heavy coats. In the rim of freelance work dress code, you may opt to dress up (at certain occasions) or not. Being in your house or in any preferred place of work will not only be beneficial to you as you are comfortable and it’s convenient, but also because it makes you work more productively and creatively.

3. Money matters

Yes, every struggling employee feels sad and depressed at the mere thought of letting their salaries slip through their fingers right after receiving them. That’s probably because finances have been planned even before you receive your actual paycheck. Coming from this, the idea of having freelance project collaborations strike you. You see yourself juggling different tasks while enjoying the perks of a flexible schedule and comfortable place to work.

4. You want to be your own boss

You end up being the last priority when it comes promotions. It leaves you frustrated and thinking that you can actually manage a team on your own. You daydream of being a virtual manager as you assign tasks and mentor your team through your inner managing skills, waiting to be unleashed without having a boss snooping around what you are doing. You have always seen yourself as part of a thriving digital team where the use of all technological advancement is useful in making virtual teams work.

5. You want your own company

New York Times Observer’s James Altucher said that ‘a job won’t make you rich.’ A company only pays you for your work and workers do not really generate wealth from an ordinary job. When you go on a freelance virtual management work, you tend to have more money than what you expect with perseverance, aggressiveness to have clients and of course, the competitiveness.

6. Co-location does not work at all times

Often, you end up thinking that even when people work in the same environment, conflict and misunderstandings still arise. This ends up with various issues that are not solved and are not addressed properly and professionally. This gives you the notion that having a place where people work together does not guarantee that a common goal will be reached. In fact, there are plenty of benefits of working remotely in today’s that will keep you redefine your old traditional work drift. You keep on thinking that digital management is the new trend of booming business today, and you are in awe of how various communication tools available online can play a vital role in having a virtual team. The creative tools available online make the management easier and reliable.

7. You want interacting virtually

It is true that social media today paved the way for people who are mostly introverts to interact with people around the globe. You could make this your best asset as a future freelancer when you do virtual project management. It will not only make you more socially interactive but you could hone your skills in freelancing project collaboration within your team.

Having read these, it is in your own perspective that ditching your day job consumes almost all your time is not really worth it. So right now, complete that resignation letter draft which has always been saved in your files, search on virtual manager tips and practice your way to owning your freelancing virtual workforce.

About the Author

Jona Miranda Jone is from www.BreezyHub.com and writes for Communities at Washington Times



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