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It’s May day, are you celebrating your workers?

Today is the international day to celebrate workers – a day created in 127 years ago in the Netherlands to rally workers in support of 8-hour work days.

Traditionally workers across the globe take to the streets in the call for better wages and job conditions. While May day celebrations, or Labour Day, are a little more subdued in Australia compared to overseas, it’s a day to take stock of what you do to show your staff you truly appreciate them.

So without further adieu, here is the Dynamic Business top tips for showing your staff you care.

  • An open door, without exception

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though you cannot approach the boss. Regardless of how ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ you may think you are, if your staff don’t drop into your office or by your desk on a regular basis then you’re doing something wrong. Try reminding staff they can talk to you whenever they need to, and drop by their desks to get the dialogue flowing.

  • Quality over quantity

As important as an open door policy is, it’s not a free pass to forgo quality meetings and specific feedback. Try taking individual staff members for a coffee meeting to more thoroughly discuss ideas and whatever project that person may be working on at the time.

  • Don’t generalise praise

It’s obviously essential to praise a job well done, but it’s much more meaningful if you articulate why it was well done. You might say something like, “Nobody else could have got that client at that price” etc. Being specific shows you notice the detail, and how hard they worked to get a particular result. Even better is if you can praise publicly – kill two birds with the one stone and boost the whole team’s morale.

  • Transparency matters

When it comes to leadership and financial decisions that impact the business or company, don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors. You hired your staff because they’re capable and intelligent. Trust them to understand why certain decisions are made, encourage questions, and seek their input. It reinforces a sense of “we’re in this together”, and undoubtedly fosters loyalty.

  • Foster opportunity

In the modern age, employees are with you for a good time, not a long time. Gone are the days of 25 year milestones with the same company. Recognise that, and use it to your advantage. Staff churn is expensive, and they’re more likely to stay for longer if they know they will grow and learn if they stay. It also demonstrates that you care about their future.

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