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Wonder Chat: Build AI chatbots instantly with no code

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Wonder Chat is a powerful business tool that allows you to instantly build AI chatbots from your knowledge base. By utilizing ChatGPT technology, you can create bots that are powered by links and files, providing accurate and fast responses to customer inquiries. This tool is GDPR compliant, ensuring the protection of your data.

With a simple 5-minute set-up process that requires no coding, you can train your chatbot on data from sitelinks, YouTube links, or uploaded files to build a chatbot that can answer questions about your product. Customize your chatbot’s role, tone, and style to fit your brand identity, and receive daily AI conversation notifications summarizing key topics and new leads.

Wonder Chat offers smart routing to email support or live chat, allowing your AI chatbot to escalate queries to human agents when needed. Additionally, the tool provides detailed analytics reporting to monitor the quality of user conversations and improve performance over time.

By embedding the chatbot on your site and customizing its responses, you can enhance customer experience by providing VIP, human-like customer service. With features such as sentiment analysis, ticket escalation to platforms like Zendesk, and the ability to invite team members as chatbot managers, Wonder Chat is a versatile tool loved by customers across all industries. Let Wonder Chat streamline your customer support process and supercharge your website’s customer experience.

Wonder Chat – Features

  • Build AI chatbots from knowledge base
  • Embed on website
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Reduce support queries by up to 70%
  • Provide instant 24/7 support
  • Smart routing to email support or live chat
  • Get daily AI conversation notifications
  • Detailed analytics reporting

Wonder Chat – Pricing

Wonder Chat offers four pricing plans ranging from Lite at $49.99 per month for exploring bots to Professional at $499.99 per month for larger websites. Basic and Turbo plans cater to small and medium teams respectively.

Visit wonderchat.io for more.

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