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VidyoAI: AI-powered video editing

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VidyoAI is a cutting-edge AI video editing tool that allows business managers to easily create professional-quality videos for social media marketing. With features such as templates, CutMagic, AI subtitles, and a brand kit, VidyoAI streamlines the video editing process and saves users up to 90% of time and effort. Users can access a vast library of pre-designed templates for various business use cases, customize videos to match their branding, and effortlessly handle multi-cam and complex videos with CutMagic. The tool also offers automatic subtitles with customization options, ready-to-use B Roll footage, and the ability to repurpose videos into show notes, blogs, and social media posts. Additionally, VidyoAI helps users post across all social media platforms with one click, generates social media descriptions with hashtags, and provides a Virality Predictor to stay ahead of trends. By utilizing VidyoAI, business managers can enhance their video content, increase engagement on social media, and effectively promote their brand with ease.

VidyoAI – Features

  • Make short clips from long videos
  • AI video editing features
  • Templates for social media sites
  • AI subtitles generation
  • Branding customization options
  • Access to B Roll footage
  • Video repurposing for various platforms
  • Social media posting automation

VidyoAI – Pricing

VidyoAI offers three main pricing plans: Free plan with 75 mins per month, Essential plan for $21/month with 300 mins and additional features, and Growth plan for $24/month with 600 mins and advanced features. Custom plan is also available starting from $41/month.

Visit vidyo.ai for more.

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